A property consultant called CBRE has recently published a report listing London’s property hotspots for investment. Factors such as population increase, new infrastructure projects and regeneration were taken into consideration to work out which areas would offer the best return.

Top of the list is our very own Hackney. Having seen house prices double in the past decade, it is home to many entrepreneurs, creatives and those priced out of the city. The area has seen vast regeneration across its borders with new transport links such as the east London line improving access to the rest of London.

House prices are estimated to rise 12.8% by 2015 in Hackney, up on the current house price average here of £539,203. That’s just under a £70,000 increase in value.

The neighbouring borough of Islington is also quite high up on the list. With many parts of the borough being affluent, Islington has long been a popular place to live for young professionals, families and students. Many have lived there for decades and with a growing population, housing supply is unlikely to keep up with demand. For this reason the report indicates there will be an 8.8% increase over the next year.

Other notable areas listed in the report are:

Camden: Average growth of 11% in 2013 anticipated to continue

Kensington and Chelsea: 7.5% price increase over the next year

Southwark: 9.8% price increase over the next year

Wandsworth: 11.2% price increase over the next year

Westminster: 3.8% price increase over the next year

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